Kayley Anne Jones takes over our Selfie Room at the HOT!MESS HQ! 


How long have you been Instagram blogging for?

I've been Instagram blogging for just over a year now! I do love to write as well, which is why I am actually in the process of coding and putting together my website and expanding my blog to there, so I can share posts about interiors and travel, as well as fashion and beauty. Watch this space!

The best thing about blogging?

Any blogger who says it isn't really great getting to try out new products and the latest clothing releases would be lying! So that's always exciting! But the best thing is definetely getting to meet new people, I've made so many good friends along the way.

What do you do outside of blogging?

Blogging is now my full time job! Although I do work as a Social Media Co-Ordinator and Branding Consultant on the side, I kind of class it all under the same thing as it involves the same skills. Always buried in my phone because of it so I think my eye sights are suffering. 

What do you do for fun?

I love my photography! Before I began blogging I studied photography for 6 years at school, college and uni, (the original career plan). I LOVE to go to the cinema, I'm always there and I'm partial to an XL sweet popcorn and Coke! 

What's the first thing you do in the morning? 

Express my feelings about the annoying events of the night previous that my boyfriend has done! Snoring, taking the covers! Haha! Aside from that, check my phone and switch on the TV to watch Charmed!

What's your staple piece in your wardrobe?

Definetely a bodycon midi skirt, looks great with trainers and heels, I swear I have one now in every colour! Ooops! 

What's your 'go-to' outfit combo for a night out?

I'm all about the basics, not totally a huge fan of fancy patterns and shapes! So probably a bodycon midi skirt, vest bodysuit and a pair of statement sandals!

Which item do you like best from our Melrose Ave collection?

Definetely the ribbed low back beige dress that's coming soon to the collection!

If you could sum up your day at HOT!MESS in 3 words?